Going to the Dentist

The girls saw a commercial for their dentist on tv.  They love going to the dentist!  Maybe because it’s like going to the carnival.  When they leave they get to pick out a toy.  They end up getting the blowup spiderman and Dora dolls.  Yeah, such an awesome toy!  Anyway, Ady was asking when she was going to get to go.  I told her she had to wait until March.  She stopped and thought about it and said, “But I don’t have a marching suit to wear!”  I guess she feels like she has to coordinate her clothes.  🙂


Ady, what did you do this weekend?

At church on Sunday, Ady’s Sunday School teacher told us they were asking all the children what they did this weekend.  Their responses from the children were things like, “I went to my grandmas,” “I went to McDonald’s.”  They got to Ady and asked, “What did you do this weekend?”  She responded, “I pooped.”  Oh my goodness!  That’s my girl!!!

Cinderella and cupcakes

Well way back in September, the girls had a birthday party together.  It’s so nice right now while they are young because they don’t care if they don’t get their own birthday party.  Plus, they wanted the same theme…Cinderella!  Man, I love it that my girls love to dress up like princesses!  Last year, they had a Fancy Nancy Tea Party and I think I had more fun than all the little girls.  Here are some fun pics of Emi and Ady with all of their friends.

Ady’s friend, Autumn

Emi’s friend, Kinleigh

Emi’s friend, Emma

Cinderella sliding. Wow!  What a princess!

The girls loved playing in the playhouse in their dressup clothes.

Everyone is waiting very patiently for their turn to play Pin the Crown on Cinderella.

Ady with her best friend, Tessa Mae

Poor Ady isn’t tall enough to reach for Cinderella’s head.  She got close…

“What the?  I wasn’t even close!”


“Mom, look the other way.”

Ian’s 1st Birthday

Happy 1st Birthday Ian!!

Look at these cute little cousins!

In August, Jennifer and her 3 children made a very long journey from Ohio to Texas.  Side note, I have to give cuddos to her.  A three day trip by yourself with 3 little ones???  I wouldn’t have any hair left! (I wonder if that is what happened to Jason?!?) So anyway, they came to Ian’s birthday party and the kids had a blast together!  Ian and Clara are only 2 weeks apart, but they look about a year apart.  Ian is the chubby football player and Clara is the petite ballerina.

Of course at a baby’s 1st birthday, they don’t get to pick the theme.  It’s usually momma that enjoys that part.  His room is a jungle theme, so I thought a jungle party would be perfect.  Plus, he does act like a little monkey sometimes.  We had a friend at church make the cupcakes and wow, did they turn out great!  I think if I bought them from a store, I would have paid an arm and a leg. 


Monkey cupcakesLion cupcakesElephant cupcakes

Emi and Harrison

Emi and Harrison are 4 months apart and get to see each other maybe once or twice a year.  They have so much fun when they are together!  I know she and I would love if they lived a little closer.  (Jayne, did you like that plug?)


Marty, Marty, Marty…what else can I say??

Cousin Clay with beautiful Aunt Jamie.

Bubby opening presents.  Ok, maybe sisters opening the presents and shoving it in his face so he can see what the girls will be playing with.

There’s Nena and Aunt Jenny holding Clara.

Babydoll Clara

Yum yum!  Cousin Dean giving momma the elephants head.

Papa Mike, you’re so silly!

Happy birthday to you,  (don’t touch the candle.)  happy birthday to you, (don’t touch the candle!)  happy birthday dear Ian,  (DON’T TOUCH THE CANDLE!!)  happy birthday to you!

Where do I start?

Insert into mouth…

Yes.  That’s a….waterhose.  The only way we could get him cleaned up after he was stained by the green icing.

The Jones Adventures Begin!

The Jones Family

Hello and welcome to our new blog!  I actually opened it about 4 months ago and like most moms,  I start a project, then the kids are hungry, I go feed them, time for naps, I have a poopy boy, the girls are fighting over their polly pockets, oops we spilled milk, clean it up, put the wet clothes in the laundry, poopy boy again, we are hungry again, bath time, it’s already bed time and I got nothing done!!  Well, that’s what happened with this!  I never had time to sit down and work on it without kids around pushing buttons on the keyboard, etc.  (I wish you could see what is happening right now while I am tyiping this!  Ian is trying to help me…here’s a message from him. 41010 .++.0555555++++************+++/+)

As you can see, I decided if I wait for the perfect time to start it, Emi would be in junior high!

I know it is 2010, but I am going to put several events that have gone on in the the Jones clan from the last few months.  Hope you enjoy!!